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Hoverboard toys recalled because of fire, explosion hazard

Although they look like something right out Back to the Future, the now well-known hoverboard toys that many Camden, New Jersey kids and adults alike enjoy riding on have some hazards and risks that seem very present day.

Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the federal agency in charge of keeping America's consumers safe from dangerous or defective products, announced that several brands of hoverboards were being recalled.

The hoverboards, which are two-wheeled scooters that are capable of balancing independently, get their power from battery packs which run on lithium. While lithium is a commonly used element in batteries, these batteries have shown a tendency to smolder, ignite or even blow up.

While thankfully the Commission received no reports of anyone getting hurt, there have been instances of hoverboards smoking or catching fire. In one case, the toy was responsible for catching a family's house on fire.

It's important to remember, though, that the Commission's not being aware of any injuries does not mean none have occurred or will occur. Obviously, these toys are dangerous, and people should take advantage of the recall. On the other hand, not everyone will immediately be aware that their hoverboard has been recalled and may keep using it. If it turns out the toy does explode or catch fire and hurts someone, the victims will still have the option of pursuing compensation through a products liability lawsuit.

Filing a products liability case is not always a simple matter, however. Getting compensation often involves doing careful research to understand exactly what went wrong with the product and how that defect caused a person's injury. If a New Jersey resident has been injured by a defective product, whether it has been recalled or not, he or she may find it helpful to get the help of an experienced New Jersey products liability attorney.

Source: WTKR, "Consumer Product Safety Commission announces recall of 7 hoverboard brands," Nov. 14, 2017.

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