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How to avoid a workplace injury at a warehouse

Construction, nursing and manufacturing may get all the attention for workplace accidents, but they are not the only industries with a high risk of injury. In fact, because these occupations are so dangerous, many regulations and training programs are in place to reduce the risk.

Every workplace should have safety measures and thorough training to protect employees. Warehouses are no exception. While your employer is ultimately responsible for your safety, you can take these steps to further safeguard your health.

Lift the right way

You know you should bend at the knees to lift a heavy object, but do you actually do that? Not using correct form leads to back injury, a leading cause of injuries on the job, reports OSHA. In addition to following proper lifting techniques, you should utilize coworkers and helpful equipment such as dollies, ramps and forklifts so you do not have to do as much lifting.

Be cautious with forklifts

When you have to use a forklift, remember to take the following precautions from OSHA to prevent accident and injury.

  • Make sure your hands and shoes are dry, so you do not slip when climbing in
  • Inspect the machinery before use
  • Before moving, check that loads are secure
  • Follow the speed limit of the area
  • Ensure you have clear visibility so you can avoid hazards and people
  • Use the horn, a rearview mirror or a spotter when you cannot see
  • Slow down when turning

Accidents may still happen, so also know what to do if something goes wrong, such as tipping over.

Be aware of your surroundings

Strains, overexertion and harm from machinery are not the only dangers you face. Working in a warehouse also comes with the risk of falls, exposure to toxic chemicals and strikes from objects. Be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards. Follow all rules and alert supervisors of unsafe conditions or workers who lack sufficient training.

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