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How to avoid common workplace injuries

Every time you show up to your job, you assume at least some level of risk, although the specifics and chances of your suffering an injury vary with your field, industry and position.

Even so, there are certain workplace injuries that occur far more frequently than others. Identifying what the injuries are and how they occur may help you learn to avoid suffering one yourself.

American employees suffer about 3 million work-related injuries every year, according to Huffington Post. Approximately one-third of the injuries are serious enough to warrant time off from work. Below is information regarding some of the most commonly reported workplace injuries.

Transportation-related injuries

Transportation-related injuries, which include those suffered by commercial drivers, as well as pedestrians, are common among those working in certain industries, and they can vary considerably in terms of severity.

Broken bones, cuts and lacerations, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are just some of the common transportation-related injuries affecting today’s workforce. Wearing seat belts and following safe driving practices can help you avoid suffering them.


Overexertion is a problem that transcends numerous industries because many different actions can cause it. Heavy lifting, for example, can lead to overexertion, particularly if you do not rely on proper lifting techniques. Other lifting, pushing and carrying can also lead to sprains and strains affecting the back and neck, among other areas.

When performing heavy lifting, ask for help, and stop the task immediately if it seems too difficult.


Falls are common among members of America’s workforce, and when they occur from heights, serious injuries can result. Working regularly on ladders enhances your chance of a workplace fall, as can improper lighting and inadequate scaffolding.

You can reduce your risk of a fall-related workplace injury by donning proper protective gear, ensuring your work area is sufficiently lit and utilizing adequate, safe ladders and scaffolding.

While each industry has its own risks, those listed are common. Learning to identify these and other dangers specific to your line of work may save you considerable time, money and stress.


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