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Pro jump roper killed in pedestrian accident

A young athlete from New Jersey who performed with a professional jump roping team died after being hit by a car. A few months ago, the boy had appeared with his team on The Tonight Show. The show even released a statement mourning the boy's tragic death.

According to reports, the boy was walking home from an event his team was holding to raise money for their performances. As he was walking, a 60-year-old man driving a Jeep hit him. The man eventually stopped after bystanders and others on the road alerted the man that he had hit the boy. The driver did stay at the scene and, to this point, police have not charged or cited the driver with any offenses.

While the boy was still alive at the scene of the accident and was therefore taken to a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead about 20 minutes after he got hit by the car.

This tragic case serves as an important reminder about how critical it is for drivers traveling on any street, but particularly in areas where children are likely to be present, to stay completely aware of their surroundings and keep and eye out for children. Children are prone to do things that adults and teens would recognize as unsafe when it comes to being around traffic, and motorists must account for this tendency in their own driving.

Obviously, a lot still has to be sorted out with respect to this car accident, but for now, the family should realize that legal options are available to them in order to get compensation for the boy's final expenses and for other losses associated with this tragedy.

Source: The Wrap, "8-year-old jump roper featured on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' killed in car accident," Tony Maglio, Oct. 31, 2017.

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