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Safety considerations for Halloween costumes

With the night of trick-or-treating now over, most Camden County, New Jersey, parents are probably glad that their kids had a great time dressing up and getting candy from their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, there will always be handful of children who wind up getting hurt on Halloween, and many times, these injuries are due to dangerous products.

For instance, a lot of people like to light candles and other flames during the evening of Halloween, which presents a fire hazard for trick-or-treaters. No manufacturer should make a costume that is going to catch fire easily and burn fast and hot, as that could lead to a disaster easily.

Moreover, manufacturers who put flame resistant on their costumes are promising just that the costume will indeed burn only slowly should it be exposed to an open flame and should also go out once the costume is pulled away from the fire. A flame resistant costume that does not respond in this manner is not properly labelled and unsafe.

Costumes that are not properly designed can also present other hazards. If for example a costume is dark, a motorist can easily miss a child crossing the street. Moreover, a costume that is too loose or long can cause a child to fall or stumble in to a dangerous situation.

If Halloween did not turn out the way a parent had hoped because their child got hurt, it is important to understand what exactly happened and why, particularly if the injury involves a burn or a fall. It may be that the child's costume is to blame and, if that is the case, compensation may be available through a products liability lawsuit.

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