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Seek justice when a child gets hurt by a dangerous product

No Camden, New Jersey, parent wants to see their beloved son or daughter get hurt, particularly when it seems like the accident was preventable. However, as a previous post on this blog discussed, children can and often do get hurt by toys, clothing and other items on the market that are supposedly designed with them in mind.

Oftentimes, these injuries are quite serious and, sometimes, they can be permanently disfiguring or debilitating. In such cases, in addition to the emotional trauma of having to watch one's child suffer, a parent will also have to deal with the financial fallout of having to provide for ongoing medical care and other expenses for his or her child.

As part of our wide-ranging experience as personal injury lawyers, our legal professionals take on cases involving injuries to children, including injuries that are caused by badly designed, poorly manufactured or improperly labeled children's, all of which can easily be described as "unsafe" and unfit for the marketplace.

While manufacturers of children's products and their insurance companies could be reluctant to admit their products are dangerous, our attorneys have an established reputation of not backing down when there is evidence that a dangerous toy or other children's product hurt one of New Jersey's younger citizens.

In our experience, we recognize that cases involving child injuries are special in part because, while an injury to a child is particularly side, the reality is that a child will rarely have an income to lose as the result of an injury. Still, the loss of one's potential and one's childhood because of a serious injury should not go without some compensation, and, in that respect, our office works hard to fight back against anyone who would try to deny or the child's family the justice they deserve.

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