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How to strengthen a personal-injury lawsuit

Not all personal-injury lawsuits are created equal. For example, some are harder to prove than others, while the injuries in some have a bigger effect on a person's life.

No matter what the details of your case, here are a few elements that can make your case stronger. 

Good documentation of the injury and its effects

It helps your case greatly if you went to the doctor right from the beginning and kept meticulous records and notes of your injury and how it affected your life physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and so on. You were always honest with your doctor and did not downplay your injuries.

Smart communication

Another key element is excellent communication with players such as your medical professionals and lawyer(s). There should also be smart communication in general. For example, you reserved judgment at the accident scene and did not tell police something like, "It was my fault." In many cases, drivers who initially believe they caused the collision later find out things were not what they seemed, but they are on record admitting fault. That can be hard to minimize.

Starting early

A third aspect is to prepare early. In general, New Jersey gives you two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. Of course, two years is a relatively narrow frame for someone to understand how an injury might progress and affect life. By the time many people realize that they need compensation to help with medical bills, lost income and the like, they could be close to missing the filing deadline or even past it. 

Identifying the right parties

Another part of your case should be knowing who to sue. For example, the drunk driver who hit you may have no assets to speak of. You could then explore whether social host liability laws or dram shop laws could come into play.

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