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Let us deal with pushback in a product liability claim

As a previous post on this blog discussed, product manufacturers and their insurance companies have certain defenses available to them if they get sued in products liability case, even though under New Jersey law, they are strictly liable to pay compensation if their products wind up causing injuries, even though they took steps to make the product safe.

Victims of dangerous products in New Jersey should therefore be fully prepared to get some pushback when they ask for compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

For their part, manufacturers generally do not want to be associated with designing or making a dangerous product, as that can affect their sales for years if not decades. The bread and butter of insurance companies is to collect more premium than they pay out in claims, so they naturally are not going to pay unless they feel like they are obligated to do so.

When the pushback comes, as it almost inevitably will in these sorts of cases, it is important for a New Jersey resident to have a strong advocate on his or her side who will stand up for the victim's rights and demand that they get the compensation they deserve.

At our law office, we do not shy away from hard cases, and we don't encourage our clients to take the first settlement offer that comes through the door just because it is convenient to do so. Over our decades of experience serving the residents of Camden County, we've earned a reputation for being both strong negotiators who won't hesitate to walk away from the negotiation table with our clients if they aren't getting the compensation they deserve.

Although obviously we cannot promise good results in every case, we also are known as formidable opponents in the courtroom who have a demonstrated ability to get results for our clients.

Getting compensation in a product liability case is usually going to involve a tough fight, but with the right legal team, it is a fight a victim can win.

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