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Those in New Jersey injured by dangerous toys may have options

A previous post on this blog discussed what at least one group has identified as this holiday season's most dangerous toys. Although just about any toy can hurt children in New Jersey, these toys seemed to have a particular feature about them, like a strangulation hazard or the possibility of a burn or fall, that make them particularly hazardous.

In the opinion of the watchdog group that circulated this list, these toys were also often marketed improperly, sometimes having unclear or inadequate warning labels, and sometimes suggesting that very young children could play with the toy safely when in fact allowing them to do so would be risky. Unfortunately, these toys are already out on the market, oftentimes without any legal repercussions whatsoever.

While Camden County parents should be aware of the dangers that these potential deadly products present for children, it is important for them to remember that if tragedy should strike, and their child or a child close to them gets seriously injured or killed, they should not blame themselves.

Even if they purchased the dangerous toy, it is the manufacturer who bears the responsibility for a tragic injury or death. New Jersey residents can, and should be, able to go to the store and buy a Christmas gift or other product throughout the year all the while trusting that it is safe to use so long as they read and follow the warnings and instructions.

When warnings are confusing, or when they don't account for all of a toy's dangers presents, then people who have been hurt or seen children hurt or killed as a result of using the product can stand up for their rights and demand compensation.

In fact, our law office can give parents and other access to a variety of legal options, including the possibility of filing a products liability or wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer in order to pursue compensation for their losses when appropriate.

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