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Watchdog group: 2017's most dangerous toys

Many Camden County, New Jersey, residents are going to buy toys for their children, or other children with whom they have a special relationship, as a gift for the holiday season.

However, even in this modern day of rigorous government regulation and parental awareness, many toys are still unsafe, often more so than what the toys' manufacturers let on. Therefore, New Jersey residents need to use their own judgment and evaluate whether a toy really is safe to give to a kid who, incidentally, might not have the best judgment when using the toy.

In particular, parents might want to review this year's most dangerous toys list, which a watchdog group publishes every year for the benefit of parents and the general public.

At least a couple of toys that made the list present choking hazards for smaller children. For instance, the group listed a toy xylophone. Although the xylophone is marketed to children as young as 1, it actually includes a part that is long and thin enough to create a choking hazard for smaller kids who don't always know what does and does not go in one's mouth.

Other toys seem to have problems with their marketing and warning labels. For instance, one device operates as kind of a portable tight rope which kids can string from one tree to another and then walk across it. While the warning mentions the possibility of accidental strangling, it says nothing about falls from high places, and it also markets in some respects to "all ages" of kids.

For those parents who already own or, worse, have seen a child injured because of these toys, compensation may be available through a products liability cause of action.

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