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Woman injured after car hits commuter train

A woman was complaining of chest pain and taken to the hospital after her car collided with a commuter train operated by New Jersey Transit. The full extent of the woman's injuries was not reported, and they may not be fully known until several weeks or even months down the road. Not surprisingly, the woman's vehicle was totaled, having been severely mangled by the weight of the train.

The accident also shut down the commuter train's tracks for several hours while authorities investigated and crews cleared the wreckage. The police did not provide any details on the cause of the accident, and they also did not indicate whether they had or would be citing the driver for a violation of any traffic laws.

One thing that is important for other New Jersey residents to remember about this incident is that both operators of trains and drivers of cars have obligations to each other when it comes to preventing train on car accidents.

It is true that "stop, look, and listen," is a very good thing for motorists crossing railroad tracks of any kind to do. However, operators of trains should be following regulations about how fast they can operate their trains when near those railroad crossing. They also need to make sure that their lights on and that they sound their whistles while still a good distance from a railroad crossing.

Hopefully, this woman's injuries turn out to be relatively minor, even though she will, at a minimum, have to figure out how to pay for a new car and cover some medical bills. Regardless, though, legal options would be available to this woman or any other New Jersey resident who gets injured by a commuter train or other locomotive.

Source:, "Car crashes into train in Bradley Beach," Katie Park, Dec. 18, 2017.

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