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Woman on bicycle killed by garbage truck

A 24-year-old woman riding her bicycle in a Philadelphia died after a garbage truck, which was owned operated by a private enterprise, hit her on a city street near her home. The woman died shortly after the crash.

According to police, the woman was traveling in a designated bicycle lane. Although the investigation has not been finalized, first reports were the driver of the garbage truck made a right turn in to the woman. The traffic signal at the intersection includes a sign prohibiting right turns on a red light. Police say that are determining what citations, if any, they will issue to the driver of the garbage truck.

This tragedy serves as another example to Camden, New Jersey, residents of how important it is to exercise reasonable care around motorcycles. In particular, garbage truck drivers and others who operate large commercial vehicles must take steps to keep unprotected bicyclists safe on the road.

These steps are relatively simple. As in this case, being on the lookout of bicyclists, respecting the bicycle lane and, possibly, obeying traffic signs about when to turn can easily save the life of a bicyclist, even on tight city streets.

Drivers who do not do these things put other people in Camden and the greater Philly area at risk. When they do cause accidents as a result of their carelessness, they should be held financially accountable for the accident, and if they are driving for business, so should the companies that employ them.

To hold someone accountable for a bicycle accident, a Camden County resident may need to file a personal injury case. This may require the assistance of an attorney who serves victims of car accidents both Camden County and the greater Philadelphia are.

Source: CBS Philly, "Bicyclist struck, killed by garbage truck in Center City," Steve Tawa, Nov. 28, 2017

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