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A driver can still be dangerous below .08 BAC

While having a legal limit when it comes to how much alcohol one can have in his or her system while driving serves some useful purposes, it can also create a false sense of security among New Jersey drivers.

There is in reality nothing magical about .08, the legal blood alcohol content limit in New Jersey and all the other states, which makes someone dangerous.

A person with .10 BAC, although unlikely, may be able to operate a vehicle perfectly safely. On the other hand, someone with .04 BAC may be feeling the effects of the alcohol and be a danger on the Camden County roadways.

After a serious car accident involving an alleged drunk driver, the real question should be whether the person was able to control his or her vehicle after drinking, not how much alcohol was in his or her blood.

In fact, as reported in the news media, some experts have recently recommended that state consider lowering the legal limit to .05, which would closely model what several European countries have done. Proponents say that the move will save more lives on the country's roads.

No matter how one feels about this recommendation as a matter of policy, scientifically, it may make sense. Even at .02 BAC, which is the equivalent of one drink, a driver may not be able to process what he or she is seeing as quickly, and they may find it difficult to do two things at the same time, which is often required when operating a vehicle.

Serious car accidents happen when a person chooses to get behind the wheel after drinking. Although the more one drinks, the higher their risk is, even a little bit of alcohol can make it hard for a driver to control his or her vehicle, this presenting a danger to other motorists.

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