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Takata airbag recall has expanded yet again

The car-making giants Toyota and Honda recently announced a recall of another 1 million vehicles in the latest development in a story that has garnered headlines in New Jersey and around the country for months now.

This additional recall came on the heels of Takata's announcement that over 3 million more of the inflating devices in their airbags were potentially not working properly and thus unsafe. Specifically, the airbags are capable of blowing up when exposed to a blow, as in an accident.

The end result is that the device will fling sharp pieces of metal and other objects at passengers. Across the globe, there have been 20 deaths reported, as well as over 280 injuries. These numbers may actually be higher.

The issue with Takata's airbags has already lead to largest automobile-related recall in American history, as Takata supplied its products to several different car manufacturers.

For its part, Takata has now been forced in to bankruptcy and has also received criminal sanctions for its role in manufacturing and marketing these airbags. Although the bankruptcy complicates things, Takata also is potentially liable to pay compensation to all of those who have been hurt, and the families of those who have been killed, because of this company's dangerous and defective product.

Those with vehicles subject to this latest recall should of course follow the instructions for getting their vehicles fixed for free. However, as this blog has reminded New Jersey families, recalls do not end with victims of dangerous products getting compensation. Those who are injured by an airbag or other defective automobile part would need to file a products liability lawsuit. Usually, it is a good idea to do so with the help of an attorney experienced in such matters.

Source: Time, "Toyota and Honda are recalling another million cars to fix faulty Takata airbags," Jan. 10, 2018.

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