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Trends for employees injured in a car accident

If you are someone who drives often as part of your work, there are several trends that may interest you. Unfortunately, most of them are negative. The one big positive is the continuing advancement of smart vehicles. If used properly, they can play a great role in preventing car crashes and keeping you safe while you work.

Now onto the less-than-stellar aspects. Hopefully, your employer is not one of the many that fail to realize they may be responsible for your costs if you get into an accident during work hours even if you were in your personal car.

Employer responsibility

Some employers see a major distinction between you using a company car and a personal car during business hours - so much so that it leads them to deny you help you would otherwise receive. If your employer has a written policy addressing this issue, read it again and ensure that it is up to snuff. If there is no policy, there should be, as well as a risk management plan that addresses issues such as expected driver behavior and a culture that emphasizes safety.

Increasing costs

The numbers related to car crashes are increasing too. For example, you and/or your insurer and other parties can expect to pay at least 7 percent more in medical costs and at least $300 more per damaged part of your car. Fatalities have also increased, and it is clear that both employers and employees should have a vested and continuing interest in helping everyone stay safe on the roads.

What you can do

If you suffer an injury during work hours while doing work, even if it is a relatively short trip to the post office to mail packages, it is possible that you could use both worker's compensation and a personal injury lawsuit to help with your compensation for damages, pain and suffering, and more. One important thing is to report the accident and injuries to your employer as soon as possible, following its worker's compensation claim policies. A free consultation with a lawyer can clarify what to do afterward.

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