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We've helped workers get benefits for all types of injuries

When one thinks about it, it is amazing how many different ways there are for a person to wind up getting hurt at work, even in what are thought of as safe jobs like clerical work.

No matter the cause of an injury, though, the important thing for Camden County workers to remember is that their employer has the legal responsibility to help them following the vast majority of work-related accidents via New Jersey's workers' compensation system.

In this respect, our office has helped many New Jersey residents obtain benefits for a wide variety of workplace injuries so that these workers could continue to make ends meet while they recovered and arranged payment for their medical bills.

We have represented workers who suffered a distinct, or acute, injury because of a specific incident as well as those who developed and injury or illness overtime due to prolonged exposure to less than ideal working conditions.

We have also represented workers who experienced injuries off of the job site but which were nonetheless work-related. Some examples of these types of cases including accidents while a worker is making a delivery or is driving in connection with their employment, including situations in which the worker is on duty but is moving from point A to point B because of work.

In addition to helping New Jersey residents, we're also able to assist people across the river in Pennsylvania with their workers' compensation claims. Having been very experienced with workers' compensation, we are able to help our clients navigate through the process no matter what type of injury they have suffered, and we serve as strong advocates for our clients in the event of a dispute.

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