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Workers' compensation for job-related stress

Most Camden County, New Jersey residents would probably acknowledge that, at least at some point, their jobs caused them emotional stress. However, in some cases, a person can experience profound stress at work which may even cause some psychological trauma that, just like a physical illness or injury, requires some care and rehabilitation.

While some might see this as counter-intuitive, workers' compensation claims based on stress are, at least in theory, allowed in New Jersey. However, the road to getting benefits can be an uphill battle, as a worker has to meet certain requirements in order claim benefits for job-related stress.

For one, simply feeling worried or upset at work is not enough to get benefits. A worker will need to demonstrate that he or she actually has a psychiatric condition which is preventing him or her from coming to work, even with appropriate medication and treatment.

Perhaps more importantly, the employee will also have to show that the stress is related to an "objectively verified" situation at work. For example, a case in which an employee is just afraid of the loss of his or her job or has complaints about his or her work environment, even if they have some merit, might not be enough for the employee to secure benefits.

On the other hand, some incidents at work may be objectively stressful and, thus, the sort of circumstances that would qualify a worker for worker's compensation. An example might include witnessing a serious work-related accident or being on the receiving end of what was indisputably over the top behavior on the part of a manager.

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