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Survey reveals lack of workplace safety preparedness

The software company Rave Mobile Safety recently published a "Workplace Safety and Preparedness" survey involving 530 employees of different ages and in various backgrounds. Both employees and employers in New Jersey may be interested that the results reveal several issues, some due to the growing generation gap.

One issue was lack of preparedness in the face of new dangers. While 87 percent of the respondents said that their workplace has a fire drill policy and has even put it into practice, only 57 percent said that their company has drills in case of hazardous materials incidents and active shooter incidents.

Millennial and Generation Z employees appeared less informed about workplace safety than their older co-workers. Approximately 53 percent of Millennial respondents said that either they were unaware of any emergency plans in their workplace or their workplace had no emergency plans to begin with. Only 34 percent of those aged 45 and older gave similar responses.

Nearly half of the 45-and-over group said they were likely to report a safety issue; only 8 percent of Millennials responded with the same. The two groups could agree, though, on how they wanted to be notified of emergencies: through text messages. However, only 37 percent claimed that their workplace had text message notification systems.

The conclusions suggest that companies should start utilizing new technology to raise awareness of all the possible safety issues. Failure to do so could lead to more accidents. Victims of on-the-job accidents might be reimbursed to some degree if they file for workers compensation benefits although this will waive their right to sue their employer. A lawyer may find that the negligence of a co-worker or other third party contributed to the accident.

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