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April 2018 Archives

Daydreaming can be dangerous behind the wheel

Many people in New Jersey are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, especially as legislation, public awareness campaigns and police activity have targeted cell phone use and texting while driving. Distracted driving comes in all forms, from eating while behind the wheel to tuning the radio. However, the most common and dangerous form of distracted driving involves no technology at all and may be the most difficult to combat: daydreaming while behind the wheel.

Fall safety the subject of annual construction stand-down

Construction workers in New Jersey should know that falls are the leading cause of death in their industry, accounting for roughly one-third of worker fatalities. Though OSHA has guidelines in place to protect workers on scaffolding and other elevated surfaces, these are not always followed. This is why OSHA, together with NIOSH and the Center for Construction Research and Training, encourage construction employers and employees to participate in the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

Chemical exposure in the workplace can cause injuries and illness

Many people think the only hazards they must worry about objects, falls and poorly designed work equipment. Occupational hazards exist in all New Jersey work environments, including in offices, manufacturing warehouses and construction sites. One type of work hazard that often gets little notice until an adverse event occurs is chemical exposure. Chemicals are used in all work environments. 

Back, neck pain not uncommon for radiologists

According to a survey from the American College of Radiology, one-third of radiologists in New Jersey and elsewhere complain of lower back pain. The survey conducted by the ACR's Human Resources Commission gathered data by polling 500 practice leaders throughout America. Today, radiologists are being asked to spend long periods of time on computers in uncomfortable positions.

How to improve the safety of autonomous vehicles

New Jersey residents may have heard about the Uber vehicle that fatally struck a pedestrian in Arizona on March 18. At the time of the crash, the vehicle was traveling on a dark road at night, and there was not enough light for it to detect the pedestrian before impact. The professor says that the car should have been designed to assume that there could have been a person or another object in that poorly lit area.

Why the police need to know about your slip and fall

One mistake that some people make after slipping and falling is not reporting the incident to the police. Such an oversight makes sense. After all, you slipped and fell. No one assaulted you or hit you with their car. Why would anyone think to notify the police after falling on something such as poorly maintained stairs?