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Back, neck pain not uncommon for radiologists

According to a survey from the American College of Radiology, one-third of radiologists in New Jersey and elsewhere complain of lower back pain. The survey conducted by the ACR's Human Resources Commission gathered data by polling 500 practice leaders throughout America. Today, radiologists are being asked to spend long periods of time on computers in uncomfortable positions.

Prolonged sitting itself could be contributing to their back and other musculoskeletal issues. According to the survey, 32 percent of respondents said that radiologists who worked at their practices had back pain. Another 25 percent said that neck pain was an issue. Those who worked on the study say that such pain could be a sign of low job satisfaction, which could put radiologists at risk for burning out.

By making people aware of the physical problems radiologists face, it could lead to better workplace design. One of the reasons why such injuries are more common is because of a transition to the PACS system. While it could be putting radiologists at risk for injury, it can also improve workflow, scheduling and billing procedures. It also has the potential for greater patient outcomes, which means that it is likely to remain in place.

If a person has a back, neck or other work injury caused by repetitive motion or poor work area design, that person may qualify for workers compensation benefits. If this is the case, an injured worker might have his or her medical bills related to the injury paid for in full. Additionally, injured workers may receive a portion of their salary until they return to work. An attorney may be able to assist injured workers in obtaining compensation that they are entitled to.

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