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Why the police need to know about your slip and fall

One mistake that some people make after slipping and falling is not reporting the incident to the police. Such an oversight makes sense. After all, you slipped and fell. No one assaulted you or hit you with their car. Why would anyone think to notify the police after falling on something such as poorly maintained stairs?

However, it is best to err on the side of caution and documentation. Reporting the slip and fall begins the documentation process, and it can be used in court to uphold your claim. In fact, the police report serves as a concise early summary of what happened, where, when, how and if anyone witnessed it. The police or your attorney may also be able to obtain any video evidence of the incident, which can be time critical. Such videos are often deleted or taped over every few days.

If you do not report it to the police

Say that you slipped and fell and did not think to report it to the police. What would the possible trajectory of your case look like? Maybe like this.

You went to the doctor the same day for medical treatment. The doctor has your explanation on file as well as the official diagnosis and treatment. After the doctor, you returned to the premises to tell the property owner of the dangerous issue. Maybe you and the property owner even created a report together to keep on file at the property, but both of you were too close to the case, and the report is filled with assumptions.

A week later, you met with a lawyer and decided to file a lawsuit. While you may have a successful case, it hurts that there are many different parties in the case each with a little bit of the information.

If you report it to the police

On the other hand, if you report the slip and fall to the police, there is one central report that brings together all of the aspects of the case in a neutral manner. Moreover, you have made the report while the incident is still fresh in your mind. You are more likely to accurately remember details such as the time it happened and your actions beforehand.


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