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May 2018 Archives

How to prevent or minimize CVS

Almost any worker in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country could get Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition is caused when an individual is unable to look at an image in a comfortable manner. It can cause headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes; individuals can get CVS from looking at computers or other digital screens such as those on smartphones or tablets.

What to do in the aftermath of a bicycle crash

If you are like many bicycle enthusiasts across New Jersey, you may bust out the bike at the first sign of snowmelt. While biking can be a great, sustainable way to get out and explore, it is also an inherently dangerous method of transportation, and this holds true regardless of how much experience you have out on the road.

What to make of coverage of autonomous vehicles

When a semi-autonomous vehicle gets into an accident, there tends to be a lot of scrutiny about why it happened. Some believe that the coverage is unfair compared to how accidents involving traditional vehicles are covered. However, there can be a benefit for New Jersey residents to making sure that new technology is as safe as it is touted to be. It can also be considered irresponsible to overlook any accident case regardless of what type of vehicle was involved.

How warehouse management can help reduce workplace hazards

New Jersey warehouse employees may encounter many different types of hazards throughout their workday. In fact, warehouse injuries and deaths are higher than average when numbers are compared between industries. However, there are many steps that warehouse management can take to help protect their workers.

3 ways to document an injury

Nothing will disrupt your life the way an injury can. If it happens at work, you might find yourself unable to work and struggling to pay bills. A car accident that results in injury can similarly impair your ability to function and leave you facing daily physical pain. Dealing with the consequences of an injury is difficult, but it is important that you get medical care as soon as possible and consider taking legal recourse. 

Tired drivers could pose a risk for rideshare passengers

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, those who drive for ridesharing companies may do so while experiencing a variety of health issues. For example, they could be prone to driving while tired because they are sleep deprived or develop problems maintaining a normal circadian rhythm. In addition, drivers may not be screened for health problems that make them less alert while behind the wheel.

Some workers are more likely to die on the job

Some workers in New Jersey may face a higher risk of experiencing deadly accidents on the job. In 2016, 5,190 workers lost their lives at work, an increase from 4,836 the previous year. These statistics came in an April report released by the AFL-CIO, the national trade union federation. However, those numbers do not reflect the true costs of hazards on the job; roughly 10 times as many workers also died in 2016 from occupational diseases, often caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or dangerous minerals.