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How to prevent or minimize CVS

Almost any worker in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country could get Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition is caused when an individual is unable to look at an image in a comfortable manner. It can cause headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes; individuals can get CVS from looking at computers or other digital screens such as those on smartphones or tablets.

Eyestrain is caused because the eye is trying to focus on a point beyond the screen. Discomfort is also caused by the resolution of the picture on the screen as well as how far away it is from the eye. To help counter the effects of CVS, it may be possible to wear eyeglasses with lenses made specifically for looking at computer screens. These typically come with an anti-glare coating to reduce the amount of light that needs to be filtered out by the eye itself.

By making sure that a worker is comfortable while using a computer or similar device, that worker can be more productive. The employee also benefits by not having to deal with the pain or dryness caused by CVS. To further reduce the risk of getting CVS and its related symptoms, individuals are advised to have an eye exam performed on a regular basis.

Employers have a responsibility to prevent workplace injuries of any kind. If an employee suffers from eye strain or other problems related to CVS or similar conditions, he or she could be entitled to workers' compensation. This may allow an individual to have his or her medical bills related to the injury paid in full. Medical bills may include trips to see a doctor, eye glasses or even corrective surgery. Workers' compensation benefits might also help workers make up for lost wages.

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