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How warehouse management can help reduce workplace hazards

New Jersey warehouse employees may encounter many different types of hazards throughout their workday. In fact, warehouse injuries and deaths are higher than average when numbers are compared between industries. However, there are many steps that warehouse management can take to help protect their workers.

Many warehouse injuries result from falling inventory and forklift accidents. Warehouse management can help protect employees from being injured from these types of hazards through the installation of pedestrian barriers. Not only can these barriers help the flow of traffic within the warehouse, but they can also absorb the impact of potential workplace accidents. Other injuries may result from slip and falls, which are particularly common in warehouses. Ensuring that the warehouse floor remains clean and clear of moisture, sawdust and other loose materials can reduce these types of workplace accidents.

Awareness training is another way management can help keep their employees safe when working in a warehouse. This can mean introducing people to hazards they may encounter while on the job and teaching them how to reduce the risk of injuries. Management can also ensure that employees are trained on how to properly stack or store inventory, particularly when that inventory is being stored overhead. Further, employees should be made aware of the OSHA rules and protection requirements.

Accidents in warehouses and other workplaces can occur even when employees are properly trained. Employees who suffer workplace injuries may be entitled to workers' compensation if they require any type of medical attention as a result. If a severe injury that requires time off occurs, an employment rights attorney may help an injured person file the claim for benefits or file an appeal if the initial claim was denied. In the event that the offered compensation does not cover the medical costs or provide a portion of the worker's pay, an attorney may file a lawsuit in court.

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