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Some workers are more likely to die on the job

Some workers in New Jersey may face a higher risk of experiencing deadly accidents on the job. In 2016, 5,190 workers lost their lives at work, an increase from 4,836 the previous year. These statistics came in an April report released by the AFL-CIO, the national trade union federation. However, those numbers do not reflect the true costs of hazards on the job; roughly 10 times as many workers also died in 2016 from occupational diseases, often caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or dangerous minerals.

The most common cause of fatal workplace accidents were related to transportation, including driving company cars and trucks or operating vehicles at work. There were 2,083 workers killed in transportation incidents, 40 percent of all workplace fatalities during the year. The second major cause of deaths on the job was workplace violence, which took the lives of 866 people in 2016. In addition, 27,000 people lost time on the job due to being injured from workplace violence, 66 percent of whom were women.

Some types of jobs can be particularly risky, including manual labor, working with machines or driving vehicles. Furthermore, other factors can add to danger on the job. People with sleep problems are almost twice as likely to lose their lives. Temporary workers can also face certain problems; they are more likely to be new to the job and have inadequate safety training, especially in industries like construction.

Workers who have been hurt on the job could suffer severe consequences in the long-term. However, a workers' compensation attorney can work with an employee who has suffered a workplace accident and is dealing with medical bills, long-term disabilities and other concerns. Legal counsel could help fight for maximum compensation.

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