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What to make of coverage of autonomous vehicles

When a semi-autonomous vehicle gets into an accident, there tends to be a lot of scrutiny about why it happened. Some believe that the coverage is unfair compared to how accidents involving traditional vehicles are covered. However, there can be a benefit for New Jersey residents to making sure that new technology is as safe as it is touted to be. It can also be considered irresponsible to overlook any accident case regardless of what type of vehicle was involved.

It is important to note that there are fewer Tesla vehicles on the road compared to others. Therefore, the accident rate should be lower. It is also fair to point out that not every crash should be sensationalized. However, when crash reports mention drivers not paying attention because their vehicle is on autopilot, that is good to know. It shows that drivers have yet to grasp the limits of what is currently available.

As autonomous vehicle are a new technology, there needs to be significant proof that they are safer for the public to accept them. According to one researcher, the threshold is 80 percent confidence that the cars are 90 percent safer than those driven by humans. To do this, autonomous cars would need to drive 11 billion miles in real or simulated environments.

Those who are hurt in a car accident could be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other costs. This may be true whether an injured victim was a driver, passenger or pedestrian. Furthermore, the driver who caused the crash may be liable even if the car was in autonomous mode when the accident happened. An attorney may review a case to determine if a driver was not paying attention to the road when an accident occurred.

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