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June 2018 Archives

If my child is injured in a neighbor’s yard, who is responsible?

It is summer in New Jersey, and rather than have your kids cooped up in the house all day playing online games, you send them outside to get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Soon, one of your neighbors lets you know that she saw your kids and their friends exploring another neighbor’s property, which is unkempt and full of interesting but potentially dangerous items. If your child suffered an injury in that neighbor’s yard, would the neighbor be liable or would you be responsible, since your kids were trespassing?

Heat stress at work raises risks of illness and injury

Many New Jersey residents work in hot environments that place stress on their bodies. Construction workers, farmers, bakery employees and firefighters need to monitor themselves for symptoms and take breaks to prevent their bodies from overheating. Heat stress can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and in some cases it can be fatal.

'Dirty Dozen' list of safety offenders shows a troubling trend

Both employers and employees in New Jersey will want to know about the "Dirty Dozen" list of workplace safety offenders assembled by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. While the list does not give very specific details, it still reveals a troubling tendency found among so many employers today.

Will AVTs replace portable voltmeters?

For more than 10 years, electrical workers in New Jersey have relied on portable voltmeters to help them to identify hot wires so that they can minimize their risks of being injured while they are working. These devices meet the minimum requirements that are established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and have helped save many lives.

Why seniors are more prone to falling

While certain risk factors, such as wet floors, icy sidewalks and cluttered staircases, can cause anyone to take a tumble, your odds of falling and injuring yourself as a result increase considerably as you age. Falls among seniors have become so common, in fact, that reports that one in every four seniors suffers a fall every year, and that fall-related injuries are the top cause of hospital visits, injuries and fatalities among the elderly.