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How do many delivery drivers get injured?

Delivery drivers are at risk for many types of injuries, whether they deliver heavy packages, pizzas or other items. One obvious source of these injuries is vehicle crashes. After all, drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and all the professional training in the world may not compensate for other drivers who are careless or distracted.

Drivers who are injured on the job can choose to pursue workers' compensation. They may even qualify for a personal injury case. With that in mind, here is a look at ways in which delivery drivers become injured, other than vehicle crashes:

Staying in the same position

Your muscles come under intense strain when you sit in the same position for several hours. Even if you get out once in a while to carry packages to buildings, your body may still spend too much time in the same position, and you could sustain a repetitive motion injury. If you drive manual vehicles, the strain on your body could be even greater. Shoulder, neck and back pain is fairly common among drivers.

General good practices are to take frequent breaks, relax while driving, use lumbar support such as a pillow, adjust your steering wheel so your elbows are slightly bent and your arms outstretched, and adjust your seat so that it has a five- to 10-degree angle.

Being undertrained in lifting techniques

Your employer may not have trained you enough on proper lifting techniques or may not have given you tools so you do not have to lift or carry items as often. Mayo Clinic recommends that when you lift to let your legs do as much work as possible and to squat instead of kneel. Items such as dollies and hand trucks should be provided as well.

Bowing to pressure

Some employers demand more and more productivity from their employees, and it can come at the expense of your health. Long hours can mean more time behind the wheel, more lifting, more stress and fewer opportunities to sleep and clear your mind on days off. Also, the culture of some workplaces may not be safety-oriented in that workers fear retaliation if they report an injury.

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