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Pedestrian crashes linked to distracted driving

New Jersey pedestrians may face increased dangers on the roadways, especially as distracted driving becomes even more common. Engineers have pointed out that a number of safety features have been introduced into vehicles over the years that should make pedestrians safer as well as drivers. These include lowering car bumpers and adding space under vehicle hoods to provide greater cushion around the engine. However, despite these changes to car engineering, pedestrians are increasingly dying due to severe motor vehicle crashes. Since 2009, fatalities in pedestrian accidents have risen by 46 percent.

This statistic towers above the overall rise in traffic deaths since that time, which sits at 11 percent. Many experts have noted that distracted driving could be a major contributor to these serious car crashes, especially as smartphones have become ubiquitous. While distracted driving due to texts, emails and even browsing social media is quite common, few people are willing to admit it. Even if they know that distraction can pose a danger, it is easy and tempting for drivers to respond to incoming notifications.

Distracted driving is not limited to the impact of mobile phones, however. In a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, researchers studied 30 different built-in vehicle entertainment and information systems. These systems often use touchscreens and can combine radio, hands-free phone and navigation features, among others. The study found that practically all of the systems distracted drivers while using them.

The consequences of distracted driving in pedestrian accidents can be immense and even deadly. People who have been injured in a car crash due to a driver's negligent or dangerous behavior may wish to work with a personal injury lawyer for help seeking compensation for the damages suffered as a result.

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