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Statistics indicate the cars responsible for most crash injuries

With more cars and trucks on the road, vehicle crash fatality rates have been increasing in New Jersey and throughout the country. As a general rule, smaller cars and trucks tend to fare worse as it relates to vehicle safety scores while heavier trucks and SUVs tend to do better. The Highway Loss Data Institute compiled data from vehicles that were made in model years 2014 to 2016.

An average relative claim frequency score was 100, and there were many factors that contributed to a vehicle's score other than size. For instance, sports cars were more likely to have lower scores because they were driven less often. The Mitsubishi Lancer had a score of 216, and this was partially because it was a popular choice among younger drivers. On average, micro cars had an average score of 215 while miniature cars had an average score of 174.

Pickup trucks and SUVs had scores of 45 and 55 respectively. However, it was noted that overall losses increased as the size of the vehicle increased. In addition to the type of car a person drives, the experience level of the driver also comes into play when determining the likelihood of an accident. Weather conditions as well as the mechanical condition of a vehicle can also play a role in an accident.

A variety of factors could contribute to car accidents, but if human error is one of them, it could mean accident victims are entitled to financial compensation. Negligence may include using a cellphone while driving or otherwise not paying attention to the road. It may also include driving while impaired on drugs or alcohol. Compensation may help an injured victim recoup lost wages and future earnings and pay for current and future medical expenses.

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