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Chemical exposure in the workplace can cause injuries and illness

Many people think the only hazards they must worry about objects, falls and poorly designed work equipment. Occupational hazards exist in all New Jersey work environments, including in offices, manufacturing warehouses and construction sites. One type of work hazard that often gets little notice until an adverse event occurs is chemical exposure. Chemicals are used in all work environments. 

Why the police need to know about your slip and fall

One mistake that some people make after slipping and falling is not reporting the incident to the police. Such an oversight makes sense. After all, you slipped and fell. No one assaulted you or hit you with their car. Why would anyone think to notify the police after falling on something such as poorly maintained stairs?

An auto accident can give you lasting nerve damage

If you are a typical New Jersey resident who makes daily drives to work, on errands, taking the kids to school and all the other trips you make, you know that New Jersey roads and streets can be dangerous places, especially in the winter. Vehicle crashes happen all too frequently. What you may not know, however, is that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in one of these accidents, you could suffer lasting nerve damage.

Trends for employees injured in a car accident

If you are someone who drives often as part of your work, there are several trends that may interest you. Unfortunately, most of them are negative. The one big positive is the continuing advancement of smart vehicles. If used properly, they can play a great role in preventing car crashes and keeping you safe while you work.