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Workers' Compensation Archives

Training and protective gear essential for workplace safety

Many New Jersey jobs involve the use of heavy machinery. Most of the time when workers suffer injuries from machines, the accidents arose from poor maintenance, inadequate machine guards or improper use. Proactive employers might reduce these problems by keeping equipment in good condition, training employees thoroughly and ensuring that protective gear and guards are present at all times.

Asbestos and its underestimated role in occupational disease

Previous estimates from the World Health Organization and the International Health Organization state that asbestos-related diseases cause 105,000 to 110,000 deaths every year worldwide. New Jersey residents who work around asbestos should know that these are far off the mark. A new study from the International Commission of Occupational Health states that the actual number may be double that of previous estimates.

Heat stress at work raises risks of illness and injury

Many New Jersey residents work in hot environments that place stress on their bodies. Construction workers, farmers, bakery employees and firefighters need to monitor themselves for symptoms and take breaks to prevent their bodies from overheating. Heat stress can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and in some cases it can be fatal.

'Dirty Dozen' list of safety offenders shows a troubling trend

Both employers and employees in New Jersey will want to know about the "Dirty Dozen" list of workplace safety offenders assembled by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. While the list does not give very specific details, it still reveals a troubling tendency found among so many employers today.

Will AVTs replace portable voltmeters?

For more than 10 years, electrical workers in New Jersey have relied on portable voltmeters to help them to identify hot wires so that they can minimize their risks of being injured while they are working. These devices meet the minimum requirements that are established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and have helped save many lives.

How to prevent or minimize CVS

Almost any worker in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country could get Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition is caused when an individual is unable to look at an image in a comfortable manner. It can cause headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes; individuals can get CVS from looking at computers or other digital screens such as those on smartphones or tablets.

How warehouse management can help reduce workplace hazards

New Jersey warehouse employees may encounter many different types of hazards throughout their workday. In fact, warehouse injuries and deaths are higher than average when numbers are compared between industries. However, there are many steps that warehouse management can take to help protect their workers.

Some workers are more likely to die on the job

Some workers in New Jersey may face a higher risk of experiencing deadly accidents on the job. In 2016, 5,190 workers lost their lives at work, an increase from 4,836 the previous year. These statistics came in an April report released by the AFL-CIO, the national trade union federation. However, those numbers do not reflect the true costs of hazards on the job; roughly 10 times as many workers also died in 2016 from occupational diseases, often caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or dangerous minerals.

Back, neck pain not uncommon for radiologists

According to a survey from the American College of Radiology, one-third of radiologists in New Jersey and elsewhere complain of lower back pain. The survey conducted by the ACR's Human Resources Commission gathered data by polling 500 practice leaders throughout America. Today, radiologists are being asked to spend long periods of time on computers in uncomfortable positions.