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Wrongful Death Archives

Woman found dead after wandering away from nursing home

The body of a woman who was in a nursing home across the border from New Jersey was found alongside a road two miles away from the facility. The woman was 77 and had Alzheimer's Disease, a condition that affects one's mental faculties. She had been missing from her nursing home since late August.

Where to turn after a fatal medical mistake

It is always hard on a Camden County family when their loved one dies while in the hospital, even when the death is totally expected. It can be even harder, though, when a loved one who seems healthy and still in the prime of life goes in to the hospital but, unexpectedly, does not survive.

What are the sorts of hospital mistakes that can prove fatal?

Residents of Camden County go to the hospital assuming that they are there to rest and get better. Unfortunately, just like doctors and other medical professionals, the staff working in hospitals are also human and thus can make mistakes. Even if unintentional, though, preventable medical mistakes in hospitals should not be overlooked, especially since victims or their families will likely need financial help after the mistake.

Wrongful death claims allow for compensation when loved ones die

The American legal system recognizes two different types of laws and divides them into separate courts. Generally speaking, the commission of crimes is handled in criminal courts and punished with criminal sanctions, and acts of negligence are handled in civil courts and met with damages based on the conduct of the responsible parties. There are instances, though, where Camden County residents may see a single act of violence or recklessness lead to both civil and criminal claims.

Rash of fatal motorcycle accidents plagues Camden County

There has been a string of fatal motorcycle accidents in Camden County recently, all of which have involved motorcycles colliding with another vehicle. If anything, this series of tragedies serves as an important reminder to motorists in South New Jersey to be on the lookout for motorcyclists.

New Jersey doctor at center of wrongful death lawsuit

New Jersey's medical professionals carry a heavy burden. After receiving their extensive education and years of on-the-job experience, they are expected to safely care for the patients to whom they tend. However, everyone knows that mistakes are made, and even preventable medical errors can occur. This is why healthcare professionals carry malpractice insurance. However, simply because New Jersey residents know that these mistakes occur does not mean that they have to accept them. In fact, when a medical error is injurious or fatal, victims or their families should consider pursuing a legal claim in hopes of providing accountability and recovering compensation for their damages.

Safeguarding the interests of surviving family members

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is generally a difficult decision for any New Jersey family to make. When things go wrong in a nursing home, assisted living facility or other such environment, it can be enormously difficult on the family, particularly if the incident was fatal. A death caused by negligence may be grounds for a wrongful death suit brought forth by surviving family members.

Can the police be sued for wrongful death after misconduct?

Over the past year, many prominent news stories have highlighted police misconduct. In several of these high-profile cases, police misconduct is alleged to have resulted in the untimely deaths of individuals who were being questioned by the police. In such situations, New Jersey residents may wonder, is it possible for surviving family members of the deceased to sue the police for wrongful death?