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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Intoxicated truck driver causes fatal car accident

A terrifying car accident recently occurred in New Jersey that cost one Ocean Township man his life. The 45-year-old victim was driving a sport utility vehicle on Route 440 in New Jersey when his vehicle was involved in a multi-vehicle crash. The crash began when a tractor-trailer collided with the back of a sedan and then jackknifed, leading to the involvement of several other vehicles including the SUV driven by the victim who lost his life.

Getting help when you are hurt by a suspected distracted driver

A previous post here discussed the dangers that distracted driving presents on the highways and roads of Camden County and throughout both the greater Philadelphia area and New Jersey. Of course, very few motorists these days are going to come out and admit, after causing an injury in an accident, that they were using their phone, eating, tuning the radio or otherwise not watching the road at the time of an accident. Many do so to stay out of trouble since they do not want a ticket, a criminal charge or even higher insurance premiums.

Texting and driving, other distractions cause many car accidents

Distracted driving is a problem in New Jersey and every other state in the country. It happens when a driver engages in an activity that is not necessary for driving and that takes the driver's attention away from the road. Distractions come in many forms, including but not limited to texting and driving, talking on a cellphone while driving, eating and drinking, speaking with passengers, attending to personal grooming and other activities.

Deadly teen driving increases this time of year

One's daily commute can be scary. After all, the road is littered with fatigued truckers, distracted motorists, and those who are intoxicated. Any one of these individuals can make a mistake that can cause serious damage to themselves and others around them, including innocent and defenseless motorists. As researchers continue to study car accidents, their causes, and how they can be prevented, many continue to find themselves surprised.

Navigating the process of workers' compensation

Countless Americans across the country work hard every single day so that they can support themselves and the ones they love. While there may be certain dangers associated with a job, no one goes into work on any given day expecting to be injured. Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace do happen and can severely impact one's ability to continue work. Thankfully, however, there are safety nets put in place that help injured workers continue supporting their loved ones. In such tragic situations, workers' compensation can be a major silver lining.