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Are manufacturers informing consumers about dangerous toys?

It goes without saying that all children in Camden County, New Jersey, and the rest of the country are fond of toys. However, when toys result in an injury, parents and children may want to seek remedial action. In fact, a previous post on this blog discusses how federal laws govern the standards from which manufacturers must comply if they produce children's toys. At the same time, it is the manufacturer's duty to inform the general public of recalls.

Federal law covers product safety, dangerous children's products

In order to avoid potentially expensive products liability lawsuits, New Jersey manufacturers usually take every precaution to ensure that their products do not harm consumers. However, incidences of manufacturer negligence with regard to warning consumers of potential dangers from use of their products do exist. Moreover, state and federal laws include provisions to protect consumers against dangerous products and impose civil and criminal penalties on manufactures that breach the requirements of consumer product safety laws.

Orange juice recalled in New Jersey

Under New Jersey laws, companies are expected to ensure that their products are not dangerous to consumers. In particular, companies have a duty to prevent foreseeable harm to consumers and to properly warn consumers of the dangers of the product. While most companies follow these rules, dangerous products can still make their way into the New Jersey stream of commerce.