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How important is an expert's opinion in malpractice claims?

No matter how intellectually stimulating, interesting or financially beneficial a physician finds serving as an expert witness, the physician should also be wary of the intense cross-examination that the medical professional's testimony will undergo in a medical malpractice case. It is no longer true that expert witnesses receive immunity from civil law based on their testimony. New case laws have redefined the legal responsibility that the litigating parties owe the judicial witnesses.

Family of New Jersey girl who was declared dead files lawsuit

Medical malpractice can be cataclysmic for the patient as well as family members. Every year New Jersey sees a plethora of medical malpractice lawsuits where the devastated family members initiate lawsuits in order to seek justice. However, every medical error may not be thought of as medical malpractice.

Federal law covers product safety, dangerous children's products

In order to avoid potentially expensive products liability lawsuits, New Jersey manufacturers usually take every precaution to ensure that their products do not harm consumers. However, incidences of manufacturer negligence with regard to warning consumers of potential dangers from use of their products do exist. Moreover, state and federal laws include provisions to protect consumers against dangerous products and impose civil and criminal penalties on manufactures that breach the requirements of consumer product safety laws.

Recovering wrongful death compensation and damages in New Jersey

Thousands of people die each year in car accidents in the United States, including many in New Jersey. The consequences are often far-reaching, affecting wives, husbands, children and other family members for the rest of their lives. Many of these consequences are emotional and personal, but some are financial, leaving loved ones with sudden funeral expenses and lost earnings from family breadwinners. In many instances, the accidents can be legally found to be cases of wrongful death.

We help New Jersey residents file products liability claims

Many New Jersey residents suffer injury each year due to the faulty manufacturing of products. Consumers use medicines or consumables that can injure them due to a lack of vigilance during manufacturing. Under N.J. law, any consumer who paid for a product that later caused an injury may initiate a products liability lawsuit to recover any damage or injury caused.

Leading pharmaceutical companies face products liability lawsuits

Products liability is an area of law that is attracting much attention in recent times around New Jersey and the rest of the country. In a recent development in the field of products liability, two leading pharmaceutical companies are struggling with blame for the side effects of a well-known anticoagulant medication, which has allegedly caused 65 deaths.

What types of auto insurance coverage exist in New Jersey?

In the event of an auto accident, the insurance coverage of the other driver plays a vital role in compensating a victim for treatment of injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering. Understanding the auto insurance regulations in New Jersey is necessary for all drivers, however, the information in this post should not be considered specific legal advice.

What is the statute of limitation for wrongful death lawsuits?

A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed by the deceased's relatives and dependents against the party responsible for the victim's death. The reasons for the lawsuit may include medical negligence, a car accident or even criminal wrongdoing. A wrongful death lawsuit, being civil in nature, has a lesser burden of proof than a case tried in criminal court. Like most other types of civil lawsuits, wrongful death cases are also subject to a statute of limitations, or time limit, for filing.

New Jersey hit and run may bring about a wrongful death action

A wrongful death is a fatality caused by the fault of one party. It may include medical malpractice, fatal motor vehicle accidents or any other kind of fatality. In a civil lawsuit filed for wrongful death, the burden of proof is lower than the "reasonable doubt" yardstick set for its criminal counterpart under New Jersey law.

Senior citizens, children and wrongful death lawsuits

If any injury results in death due to the negligence of another, the latter may be held liable for wrongful death. Wrongful death is an integral principle under tort laws. The courts in most states in the United States, including New Jersey, evaluate the level of compensation due to the family members of the victim based on various criteria. Some of these determinants may be age, earning capacity, whether the victim was the sole earning member of the family, and so on.