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OSHA violations strengthen a workers' compensation claim

When employers forego on-site safety measures to increase productivity at the cost of their employees' safety, they are in direct violation of safety guidelines laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. At Marmero & Mammano PC, we are all too familiar with the stress that an injured employee endures due to workplace accidents. Unpaid sick leave and medical bills only add to the gauntlet of trauma an employee can face, not to mention being unable to recuperate from more serious injuries.

Worker suffers serious injuries in Parkway crane accident

Residents of Camden County, New Jersey, know that any workplace injury can impact a worker both emotionally and financially. Serious on-the-job injuries or workplace accidents can also lead to temporary or permanent disability, or even death, causing further financial troubles.

New Jersey workers are entitled to compensation when injured

New Jersey workplace accidents happen with alarming frequency. A workplace accident may leave a person with grave injuries to the head, spinal cord and other vital organs and vulnerable parts of the body and ultimately cause the injured worker to suffer from a temporary or a permanent disability. A worker may suffer an amputation, a toxic chemical exposure, a heart attack or worse if employers do not maintain workplace safety standards. In such scenarios, a victim may seek workers' compensation and also bring a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer.

60-year-old construction worker suffers injuries in New Jersey

Workplace accidents are often reported in newspapers and magazines. Many cases of accidents are reported at construction sites in New Jersey. If someone sustains injury in a workplace area, he or she is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Workplace injuries are quite common in construction areas. And often, these accidents lead to serious injury or death performing this risky business.

New Jersey stone quarry worker injured on the job

For a worker toiling daily in a hazardous environment, the threat of workplace accidents always looms large. On occasion, such injuries may even claim the life of the worker. At other times, they may result in temporary or permanent disability, burdensome medical expenses, and lost income due to time lost from work.