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Products Liability Archives

Leading pharmaceutical companies face products liability lawsuits

Products liability is an area of law that is attracting much attention in recent times around New Jersey and the rest of the country. In a recent development in the field of products liability, two leading pharmaceutical companies are struggling with blame for the side effects of a well-known anticoagulant medication, which has allegedly caused 65 deaths.

Proving liability when you are injured due to defective products

When we buy a product, we are under the assumption that it is safe to use. The product can be anything that has been purchased and can include items such as medicines, food, toys, equipment and vehicles. The laws in New Jersey state that if any person suffers an injury due to a defective product the manufacturer or retailer can be held responsible under the law of product liability.

Manufacturers' liability per product liability law in New Jersey

Products liability is derived from the principle of negligence under tort law. If a consumer suffers an injury due to a defective product manufactured or sold by the manufacturer or retailer, that manufacturer or retailer may be liable for product liability.

Hip replacement failure sparks products liability lawsuits

When a consumer in New Jersey or elsewhere in the United States suffers an injury after using products made by a manufacturer or seller, the latter may be held liable for damages. Product liability law makes the manufacturer or seller of the product responsible for the products produced by the company.

New Jersey man sues energy drink maker for product liability

Any time a manufacturer produces and distributes a product that turns out to be defective or dangerous, potentially causing harm to consumers, anyone who is harmed is usually within their rights to file suit against the manufacturer. Such products liability lawsuits are somewhat different from suits relating to other injury laws because the companies or individuals responsible for selling a product are presumed to have a duty to protect consumers from harm caused by their products.

Orange juice recalled in New Jersey

Under New Jersey laws, companies are expected to ensure that their products are not dangerous to consumers. In particular, companies have a duty to prevent foreseeable harm to consumers and to properly warn consumers of the dangers of the product. While most companies follow these rules, dangerous products can still make their way into the New Jersey stream of commerce.